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The DNA Room at Palace Huis ten Bosch

See article here

Matter in Grey- A Film

Matter in Grey, 2018. An installation artwork by Jacob van der Beugel for the Chemistry of Health building in Cambridge.

With thanks to Sylvain Deleu and Oliver Page and Andy Farrar of Backwardsroll Productions.

Memento Mori- A Film

Jacob van der Beugel installating his artwork Memento Mori before London Design Festival 2017.

With thanks to Sylvain Deleu and Oliver Page and Andy Farrar at Backwardsroll Productions.

Memento mori by Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal, the artist and author, writes for Ceramic Review, on Memento Mori. Read the full article.

Treasures of Chatsworth, Episode 2

Treasures from Chatsworth, Episode 2: Commissioning Artworks Across Generations

An original video series produced by Sotheby’s.

There is a rich history of patronage at Chatsworth, which is filled with works commissioned directly from artists of their time, be it the early 19th century or the early 21st. This episode explores the relationship of trust between the artist and their commissioner, highlighting Jacob van der Beugel’s 2014 DNA Wall and Antonio Canova’s The Sleeping Endymion, made almost exactly 200 years earlier.

Pathways of Patients article for Artsy

Meredith Mendelsohn, a New York based writer has written a lovely and thoughtful piece about The Pathways of Patients. for Artsy

Conversation between Jacob and the Duke of Devonshire

A Conversation between Jacob van der Beugel and the Duke of Devonshire. Hosted by the Soane Foundation, 2 October 2015, New York City. Click here to view video.

Interview by mbdy

To read full interview by MBDY click here

Quote - Alain de Botton

 “A beautiful poetic work which is exemplary in the way it manages to turn information (of which we have so much, and which usually leaves us so cold) into art (which touches our hearts).”

Alain de Botton on the North Sketch Sequence, Jacob van der Beugel, Chatsworth House.

Chatsworth House decorated Devonshire family DNA tiles

Read the full article on the BBC here

The Barley House Installation

I would like to thank Zara and Charlie for their generous support and Oliver Page and Andrew Farrer from Backwardsroll Production for their time and effort.